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For most people the courtroom is a stressful place that signifies major life changes. Choose a lawyer who’s been there before, and can provide you legal and emotional support through the whole process.


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Family Law

When it comes to your family, you always want the best.  Planning for the unexpected is always difficult, but it’s even more so when the issue at hand is so close to your heart. 


When it comes to family issues such as divorce, custody, guardianships, adoptions, and powers of attorney, trusts, and other estate planning structures, NEA Law Group can help you protect yourself and reach a favorable legal result for your family.

Your NEA Law Group attorney will not only provide you legal counsel, but the emotional support you need to get through any trying experience.

Business Law

Whether you’re looking for a lawyer for contract formation, litigation, real estate agreements, or LLC and corporation formation, we can help.  We can help you streamline legal protections for what you've worked hard to build.


When you choose NEA Law Group, you get experienced legal representation from a family law firm.  We know that business and family and inseparable.


We have experience forming business entities and taxation structures that maximize asset protection and reduce unnecessary costs and risks.


Bankruptcy is trying for anyone, but you should never feel like you've failed.  Extreme economic changes and acts of God have led several to bankruptcy.  We’re here to help you get through this and start feeling successful again.  


If you're filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, NEA Law Group is here to help. The right attorney may be the thing that gets you to a fresh start.


With NEA Law Group, you can successfully file bankruptcy and start getting your finances back on track. Together, we’ll get you to the other side, and show you how to build credit again.

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About Attorney

Attorneys are with you for some of the highest and lowest moments of your life. We don’t just want to help you “win”, we want to provide you with advice and support when you need it most. Often, we understand our situation better than the closest people in your life.


You deserve to know the person sitting next to you in the courtroom. So here’s a little introduction to get you started.


This might be your first time in a courtroom, but it’s not Asa’s. 

Asa King has helped hundreds of Arkansans just like you with business, family, and bankruptcy law matters.


Asa is licensed in the Arkansas Supreme Court, the United States Bankruptcy Court, The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, and all other Arkansas state and federal courts.  

Asa is a member of the American Bar Association, the American Bankruptcy Institute, and the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals.  


When you choose the NEA Law Group, you’re not just choosing an attorney. You’re choosing real people that you can know and trust.

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